Wednesday, December 9, 2009


How to make an outfit complete with the right accessories can be tricky. That is why we are here to help you! Your choice of accessories can make or break your outfit. You want to be weary of how much you add. Less is more when it come to accessorizing an outfit. We will take you through a few various outfit options, and link you to our website to see the items described so you can make your own accessories collection complete!
Bazaar's Basic Accessories/Outfit Ideas:
1. Little black dress. Tights. Boots. 'Valley Bazaar Bootlettes'. Long Chain necklace. Stud ring. A few small thin bangles if you want... DONE!
2. Jeans and body-suit. Flats or pumps. Bulky necklace. Studded bracelet. Small silver studded earrings... DONE!
3. Boyfriend tee, with a 'Valley Bazaar studded bra' underneath, and harem pants. Pumps. Thin chain necklace. A fun clasp bracelet. Diamond band ring.... DONE!
4. Tunic and Leggings. Boots. Vintage necklace. Gold small studded earrings. A cuff bracelet. And a dainty cocktail ring... DONE!

The best gifts come in small packages... we all know that!
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