Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bazaar's take on Classic Layers

Layering is the secret to your winter blues. If you put Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, and Kirsten Dunst together, you have the perfect Southern California winter outfit and steeze. This Classy rocker vibe is faultless because it says don’t mess with me, but love me madly. We would like you to start off with a sexy bra and then your favorite comfy boyfriend tee. Then grab you’re Splendid or Ella Moss wrap. From there you get your beloved cashmere sweater, and then you’ll grab your go to jacket or coat. Put on leggings, jeans, or a skirt with tights and your ankle boots or motorcycle boots. (Don’t forget your ‘valley bazaar bootlettes’) Then add a scarf and a beanie. Our color palette this winter is black, burgundy, army green, brown, winter white, mustard yellow and gray. You want to start monochromatically. This means with one color in mind. So say you choose black as your main monochromatic color. You get a faded black concert tee and then a black splendid cover up… Then a burgundy cashmere sweater and a tan leather jacket. Wear black leggings or tights with knee highs over and a pair of boots. Then add a black scarf and beanie and you are set. You can peel off layers as you get warm and add them once you get chilly. Be creative, youthful, and glamourous; but stay classic. Inspire yourself to try different color patterns and prints, but be sure to keep in mind your monochromatic color. They sky is the limit when layering, so have fun!! You can find perfect bras and jumpsuits to start your layering process off right on the Valley Bazaar website! Valley Bazaar is also always an e-mail away for your fashion nightmare questions answered. Join the mailing list and join us in the valley... Oh the joy of shopping BAZAAR!

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